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Bezeq Building , Hansen House > 10.06-12.06

In colaboration with the events of the Paris Design Forum led by 369 Editions, as part of the France-Israel Cultural Season, the Jerusalem Design Week will host three performance events created especially for the week led by three artist duos, Israeli and French. The two-person teams were asked to create an original format that integrates a lecture with an installation through brainstorming and combining the various talents of each of the artists, under the three sub-themes of the Jerusalem Design Week – conservation and environment, conservation and society and conservation and culture. The highlight of the dialogue, which developed during the months prior to the Jerusalem Design Week, will be three performance events involving the audience – about the synergies between the Jerusalem climate and geography and food, between a football game and sound and animation, and between bible research and immersive projections in the space. These three unique experiences will ask questions about the correlation between format and content and between conservation and design, and they will continue in a parallel event during the days of the D’Days Paris events in November 2018




TALK / SHOW 1 – “Alter”:  Hedai Offaim and Delphine Huguet
10.06 20:30  Hansen House, garden

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TALK / SHOW 2 – “Game”:  Shira Z. Carmel and H5 Studio
11.06 20:00  Bezeq Building / Revolution Square

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TALK / SHAW 3 – “Prism”:  Kobi Vogman, Tal Harada and Olivier Tomas Venard

12.06  Hansen House, attic

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The project is an original initiative and is being coproduced for the Jerusalem Design Week and the Paris Design Forum

The events of the Paris Design Forum are led by 369 Editions, in conjunction with Le Liberté Living Lab and D’Days Paris

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