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Beit Alliance > 07.06-14.06

A flag serves as a unifying factor for a group of individuals having a common denominator or common land, relies on history and represents the collective dream. Seventy years ago, the Flag Committee decided that the flag of the State of Israel will be the flag of the Zionist Movement. That flag embodied both the history and the dream. On the one hand, there is the Star of David, the tallit, (prayer shawl) and Zionism and, on the other hand, the young Jewish State. Seventy years later, the emerging history is changing the dream and the collective consciousness. Are those images and symbols still relevant? What has seven decades instilled in us? Where do we go from here? Participants in this exhibition are well-known artists and those at the start of their careers, a collection of artists and opinions that are challenging the flag according to seven concepts that are simultaneously full and empty: independence, heroism, war, peace, democracy, brotherhood and culture, and that present a renewed examination of the brief but complicated history of seven decades of independence


Curators:  Shai Ben Ari and Zohar Dvir

Sponsored by:  the flags were printed with support of Toptex Printers, Petah Tikva

In conjunction with:  the event is presented in conjunction with the NPO, New Spirit

Presenters:  Avraham Cornfeld, Ohad Hadad, Ortal Bremler, Oren Fischer, Itzik Rennert, Itai Raveh, Ariel Kotzer, Judith Asher, Gal Leshem, Dima Korma, Dan Reisinger, the Muslin Brothers, Zeev Engelmayer (Shoshke), Yali Ziv, Yoav Perry, Yael Shenberger (Ata), Maya Bar Yehuda, Nawal Arafat, Noam Noy, Nir Shaked, Studio Groteska, Studio Danielvenir, Studio Re-Levant, Ovadia Benishu, Oded Ben Yehuda, Ido Back, Alma Neeman, Amit Baruch, Koby Levy, Kobi Franco, Avigail Roubini, Roni Levit, Shany Dvora, PESH (Lior Bentov), Sharon Etgar

Graphic Design: Zohar Koren, Idan Am - Shalem, Eli Magaziner, Alma Neeman Developed by: felix007