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A Commonplace Book of Time

A Commonplace Book of Time

Bezeq Building > 07.06-14.06

A Commonplace Book is an information machine that does not condemn the fragmented way in which we digest information. The installation consists of a pile of blank notebooks, a collection of objects, and a series of machines that transcribe snippets of information on a topic that concerns us all: how we understand, perceive and deal with time. By interacting with this installation visitors can publish a poetic discovery between deep time and real-time, making time or taking time, timelines, time capsules, space time and time machines. The result is a personal book that is not published in a traditional form, but is being composed in many different iterations. We invite you to compile your commonplace book and dedicate whatever blank pages that you may have left to your own personal interests


By Commonplace Studio, Jon Stam, Jesse Howard, & Tim Knapen


Commissioned by Jerusalem Design Week, Istanbul Design Biennale, and Z33 house for contemporary art

Graphic Design: Zohar Koren, Idan Am - Shalem, Eli Magaziner, Alma Neeman Developed by: felix007