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On Guard

On Guard

Hansen House > 07.06-14.06

Contemporary culture is built on layers of tangible and intangible knowledge that has accumulated over thousands of years. Objects and concepts have been preserved throughout history and are building the narrative of mankind. A process of conservation may occur incidentally, with the strong and the adaptable surviving for generations, or in a proactive way, with the objective being to sustain dominant forces and to design a particular narrative. These are the mechanisms in play in the field of conservation. What drives them? What narrative would have been created if something that was abandoned had been preserved? Who is on guard? What is the role of time in conservation processes? And what do I want to remain after I’m gone?    “On Guard” engages in the concept of ‘conservation’ and in the power structures that control cultural conservation. In an exhibition space at Hansen House which is being opened to the public for the first time, teachers, graduates and students of Bezalel will present art and design works that reveal the conservation mechanisms in culture, that observe the processes of preserving beauty and youth, that confront ׳the guards׳ and ask what would happen if a change in guard were to take place. These works are not afraid of addresing sensitive points or discussing the culture that was forged in the past and exists in the present, or of offering alternatives for the future. In this way, they are not only challenging but also contradicting the familiar narrative


Team of curators:  Michal Evyatar, Guy Aon, Adi Orian, Orly Cohen Alloro, Lia Bruce, Anat Golan, Omri Fisher, Inbar Frim, Avigail Roubini, Ofer Rotem and Hila Shamir

Within the framework of the Curators Course taught by Maya Dvash and Maayan Fuss, the “Experimental Design” track, the Master’s Degree Program in Industrial Design, Bezalel


Participants:  Oren Arbel & Noam Tabenkin Arbel, Shlomit Bauman, Shirly Bar Amotz, Guy Blander & Jonathan Hadari, Carmi Dror, Johnathan Hopp, Reuven Zahavi, Iris Zohar, Claudette Zorea, Keren Zaltz, Maya Zack, Rami Tareef, Yair Levi, Eran Lederman, Yamit Newman, Neil Nenner, Ronen simantov, Sasha Serber, David Adika, Eran Inbar, Haim Parnas, Tal Frenkel Alroy, Arava Rubinovich, Galit Shvo, Maayan Shahar, Aya Schein, Dalit Shalom

Graphic Design: Zohar Koren, Idan Am - Shalem, Eli Magaziner, Alma Neeman Developed by: felix007