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Save or Delete

Save or Delete

Bezeq Building > 07.06-14.06

Save or delete is a triple-exhibition created by Syfon Studio, Traffic Design and Zespół/wespół. Inspired by Jerusalem design week’s them of ‘Con|serve’, the exhibition covers the topics based on everyday practice of each designers collective: the tradition of the Polish School of Posters; the aestheticism of public space in Poland; and the structures of learning. With three different approaches the three design studios pose questions on how to cope with tradition, what to preserve and what to forget, and how do deal with the transfer of knowledge


Designers:  Syfon Studio, Traffic Design, zespół wespół


The exhibition is organised by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute operating under the Culture.pl brand and is part of its programme promoting Polish design worldwide and the Polish institute


Graphic Design: Zohar Koren, Idan Am - Shalem, Eli Magaziner, Alma Neeman Developed by: felix007