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Haready-made: The product in orthodox society

Haready-made: The product in orthodox society

Jerusalem Theatre > 07.06-14.06

The exhibition, “Haready-made” engages in commodities consumed by the Haredi community and the points of encounter between tradition and conservatism on the one hand, and a contemporary functional approach on the other. How do you pray in a field? How do you talk on the phone when you are pushing a baby carriage with one hand and controlling a crying child with the other? This exhibition reveals a bit about what is happening in the Israeli design fringe, which reflects a niche culture that is thriving in a parallel reality and makes it visible. At second glance, the exhibition reveals an artistic discussion of the dialectic relationship between the Haredi community and the modern world and about how traditional societies uniquely adopt changes that are inevitably occurring around them. The Haredi visual culture is created through articulation, retains the community’s uniqueness and preserves its unique internal language that is understandable only to it, taking place in the shadow of globalism. This exhibition is not only seeking to provide an “anthropological look at objects” that are reflected in the collective atmosphere in this community, but also uses objects to listen to the personal voices existing in the subtext and the modes of coping that derive from it, and addresses visible and concealed messages relating to issues of gender or the hierarchy within the Haredi community


Curator:  Noa Lea Cohen, Hamiklat Gallery – Gallery for Contemporary Haredi Ari

Exhibition design:  Chen Hurek Participating

Artists:  Raya Brukenthal, Aniam Der’i, Moran Asaraf, Hodaya Toledano, Marcel Biton, Etzion Mizrahi, Studio Gartal, Duchi Cohen, Ayala Fenger, Yehudit Levi 16, Anat Belzar, Janet (Hashi) Skubek, Yaakov Nahumi


The exhibition will be held at the Jerusalem Theater

Graphic Design: Zohar Koren, Idan Am - Shalem, Eli Magaziner, Alma Neeman Developed by: felix007