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Gaon’s Salon

Gaon’s Salon

Bezeq Building , Hansen House > 08.06-09.06

Galit Gaon, head of the Curating and Design Program in Shenkar, will be hosting designers and curators for two days during Design Week, in a lounge of intrudoctions and open Talks. Talks about creating and design, about different materials, thoughts, sketches and mistakes; talks about time and space, about the choice to remember and the right to forget. The talks will take place in the Design Week exhibition halls, and shall include professionals, guests and designers who partake and respond to the array of projects presented at Design Week | Jerusalem 2018

Vice Curator: Tom Kohen

8.6 Hansen House Theater

10:00AM Digital Preservations
Design Week Jerusalem hosts ICOM’s forum for Museums and Digitalization

Jerusalem Design Week is hosting the Meet-Up Drinking about Museums

Moshe Sakal – Haarchion, Audio project of Hebrew Literature
Nurit Gazit – Making databases accessible and the role in exhibitions recollection at Beit Hatfutsot
Eynat Sharon – The Open GLAM Accelerator of the Public Knowledge Workshop
Zohar Koren & Idan Am-Shalem – The Graphic concept of the Jerusalem Design Week
Panel Moderator: Galit Gaon

Planned: Short Discourse and a follow up Panel led by Galit Gaon + Questions from the audience

12:00 Between Jersalem and Istanbul
Tal Erez and Anat Isparo about the Reservation and about the Jerusalem Design Week
Deniz Ova – Director of the Istanbul Design Biennial – About The Biennial
(Joint Panel hosted by Galit Gaon (ENG

12:45 Between A Design Week and A Museum \ Between a Moment to Eternity
Yuval Saar and Galit Gaon will review Design Weeks around the world and discuss Museums without Collections and Collections without Museums

9.6 Hansen House \ Bezek Center

Gaon’s lounge travels through exhibitions to a discourse with the designers and curators in the exhibition halls
Follow the Curation Program’s Instagram account @A.curate to find the current lounge location, or search for them live between exhibitions and projects

-11:00 Gathering at the Hansen Garden and beginning to move through exhibitions
-11:00-15:00 Hansen House/Beit Hansen Exhibitions
-15:30 Revolution Square in Bezek Center
-16:00-21:00 Bezek Center exhibitions

*Free Admission | All Are Invited

Graphic Design: Zohar Koren, Idan Am - Shalem, Eli Magaziner, Alma Neeman Developed by: felix007